Draft 3

This is the latest edit of our opening title sequence:

This has changed and improved from our previous draft as we have included an extra shot at the end of the location. This is a strength as it reveals the isolated location creating mystery as it is a convention of the thriller genre. Also, in our previous draft there was music throughout the whole sequence, however we decided to change this by fading the music towards the end to create an eerie atmosphere. We added sound effects of birds chirping to make audience feel a sense of fear as if something is suddenly about to happen. We have also added flashes between shots to make the audience feel disorientated as well as creating a sense of danger.

The font has also been changed and I especially like the font of the title as it fits in with the mood that is created by the whole media product.

We are yet to add the voice over and colour correct the sequence to create more emphasis on the mysterious atmosphere. We already have low key lighting to create a tense atmosphere, however this can be slightly improved.

Screen Shot 2017-03-24 at 10.28.45.png

We have been editing altogether as a group to help the editor make big decisions. We have been using premiere to do so.

We did not get any audience feedback on this draft as we have our final edit complete soon.


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