First Draft – Audience Feedback

We have filmed the main part of our opening title sequence but still have a couple more scenes to film. We have begun editing and have added some sound effects as well as background music but we are yet to add the voice over.

The filming went well, our first location was Black Park as we are yet to film at our second location. We filmed everything we needed to within a couple of hours as we used our storyboard and shot list to help us so we knew exactly what shot we needed to capture. The director, producer, editor and director of photography all had an input to make it the best we possibly could have.

This is the first draft of our main task:

We played this to the class and got individual feedback from the audience. These were their comments:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Overall, our main strength was that we chose an effective piece of music which fits in with out thriller genre. The editing of the scar on the wrist was also liked by our audience. To improve, our audience said to remove or fill in the black gap in the middle of the sequence, however this is only there due to it being our first draft. We have not finished the whole title sequence yet as there are a lot more shots to add of the characters, as well as including more title credits and the actual title of the sequence. Therefore, this will be improved as a lot more will be added.


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