Location Of Filming – Black Park

The location we have decided to film at is Black Park as this is a big park where we are able to find an isolated wooded area to make it seem like a forest, which is the type of setting we wanted.

This is the type of area we will be filming in:


Our group chose this type of setting as we have all seen seen settings like this in many thriller/horror movies. It will also fit in well with our idea as we plan to have the dead bodies placed in this wooded area. We have got inspiration for the location from movies such as ‘The Evil Dead’.

The Evil Dead Scene


This is a shot from the movie ‘The Evil Dead’ which is a horror movie. Despite the fact that our title sequence is of the thriller genre instead of horror, it still influenced us as our opening title sequence focuses on victims and the woods is an ideal setting to portray them in. It still creates the mysterious atmosphere we wish to create.

As a group, we feel that Black Park is the perfect location for us as it is a real location and not a set which creates realism, which is extremely important to us as our opening title sequence is going to be a news report, reporting the victims’ suspicious deaths.

We chose Black Park specifically as it is nearby to all of the cast and crew’s houses, making it easy for everyone to get there and not commute very far.


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