Main Task Initial Ideas

For our main task, we have come up with the idea of creating a news report featuring multiple dead bodies laying in the forest with a voice over of a ‘news reporter’ reporting these deaths, discussing how they all may be linked. Some insight of the planning behind the deaths will also be presented, to intrigue the audience into how the deaths are linked as well as the villain’s motif.

To begin, we created a mind map of all our initial ideas which helped us develop our final idea.


We created a shot list which will help us when filming, and it also helped us with our storyboard:

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This is the storyboard we have created to help us during our main task:

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Our storyboard includes the image of what each shot will look like, the amount of time the shot will be on screen for, the type of shot and the type of lighting.

Using our storyboard, we created a script which will all be said by the news reporter, as a voice over:


Our main location is Black Park as this will create the correct setting and atmosphere for our title sequence. We will also be filming in a shed to reveal some of the villain’s planning behind killing the girls.

The main props we will be using are newspaper articles and photographs of the girls who will play the role of the dead bodies.This will show the planning of the villain and the articles will create emphasis on the deaths and how they are linked.

We will be filming between 23rd – 30th January.


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