Textual Analysis and Movie Review Summary

Textual Analysis Summary:

By analysing 10 thriller title sequences, I have learnt that various camera angles, shots and movement can be used to represent events and themes that are presented later in the movie. For example, a canted angle could be used to represent instability and disorientation, which can also be presented through camera effects, eg. focus. Thriller title sequences are normally fast paced, which sets the tense atmosphere, making it clear that the movie is a thriller.

Editing can play a big part in creating the mysterious, eerie atmosphere as the use of fast cuts, flashes and sound effects create a completely different mood for the audience. The editor’s intention in a thriller title sequence is normally to make it fast paced to create that thrilling effect. A good example of this is the Se7en opening title sequence.

Sound is a significant factor when it comes to setting the right mood as this establishes the genre of the movie as a whole. Usually, if a opening title sequence is fast paced, the music will also be fast paced as it fits in well together. However, in thriller title sequences such as ‘Sweeney Todd’, slow music can also be used which can create a more mysterious, creepy atmosphere.

The most common props used are guns and weapons as these are likely to be seen in thriller movies, so the title sequences also include this. Dark colours are used throughout the title sequences to create a dark, tense effect for the audience.

Low key lighting is common for different reasons. Sometimes it is used to create a dark, tense atmosphere and sometimes it is used to create shadows, which is also a convention of the thriller genre. Some title sequences use low key lighting throughout the whole title sequence, whereas others use it for some parts to create emphasise on specific areas.

The typography is usually in capitals to make it more bold and stand out to the audience, as this is the main reason of having an opening title sequence. The colours used are typically black, white or red. White is used when there is a dark background, to make it stand out. Black is used to create a dark atmosphere but is also ensured to stand out as the background probably isn’t very dark, and red is usually used to foreshadow danger and violence in the movie.

Movie Review Summary:

After reviewing 10 thriller movies, I have learnt that directors and movie productions have large budgets to create movies that stick out to the public, and they tend to make a large profit as well. Their large amounts of money goes to good use as makeup, costumes, lighting etc help make the movie successful.

Each movie has its own individual storyline, which creates uniqueness. The most popular thriller movies out of the ones I have reviewed are ‘Se7en’ and ‘Inception’, which are unique as there aren’t any other movies like these. They are both psychological thrillers which keep the audience focused as we are constantly thinking throughout the whole movie.

Good acting is important, which is why actors like Morgan Freeman and Leonardo DiCaprio are hired to due thriller movies. Not only are they good actors, but they are also popular and iconic, which means people will go watch the movie if their favourite actors are in it.

Thriller movies like to keep the audience on edge, and has unexpected twists as well as jump scares. This is expected from thriller movies as it is the whole purpose of the thriller genre, as well as having a good storyline. The movie ‘Don’t Breathe’ is a good example of this.



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