The Accountant Movie Review

‘The Accountant’ is an action thriller movie starring Ben Affleck and Anna Kendrick as the main characters and was released on the 14th of October 2016. I found this film really interesting as it is unique and keeps you thinking. Overall, it has received good responses from the public as it has been rated 7.5/10 starts on imdb. However, it did start many debates about whether this movie victimises the autistic community as the main character, Christian Wolff (played by Ben Affleck) has autism, but many people think that autism has not been correctly portrayed within the movie. Many people have different opinions on this.

Christian Wolff is the main character and is a math genius. Behind the cover of a small-town CPA office, he works as a freelance accountant for some of the world’s most dangerous criminal organisations, such as the mafia. With the Treasury Department’s Crime Enforcement Division, run by Ray King, starting to close in, Christian takes on a legitimate client: a state-of-the-art robotics company where an accounting clerk has discovered a discrepancy involving millions of dollars.

The movie has an intriguing story line, however I enjoyed this movie due to the awareness of autism that has been brought into it. Autism is a mental condition, present from early childhood, characterised by great difficulty in communicating and forming relationships with other people and in using language and abstract concepts, and is now becoming more common in children. It is difficult to recognise autism through physical appearance and also difficult to explain as each autistic person is different. As someone who has a personal connection with autism, I really enjoyed this movie as it creates awareness of the mental issue as well as highlighting what autism really is about. It is common to see someone with severe autism and think of the negatives, however autistic people are extremely clever and this movie really emphasises on this, as well as showing how some autistic people deal with issues they face, in their own way.

“I have trouble socialising with people… but I want to.” – Christian Wolff

This is a quote from the movie that really stuck out to me, as it gives an insight of how someone with autism feels but is difficult for anyone else to understand.

Autism is the main aspect of the movie which is clearly presented through the trailer:

Personally, I enjoyed this movie, however it is quite confusing and might need a second watch to fully understand it.

Overall, I would rate this movie  4/5 stars.


  • Ben Affleck as Christian  Wolff
  • Seth Lee as Young Chris
  • Anna Kendrick as Dana Cummings
  • J.K Simmons as Director Raymond “Ray” King
  • Jon Bernthal as Braxton “Brax”
  • Jake Presley as Young “Brax”
  • Jeffrey Tambor as Francis Silverberg
  • John Lithgow as Lamar Blackburn
  • Cynthia Addai-Robinson as Marybeth Medina
  • Jean Smart as Rita Blackburn
  • Andy Umberger as Ed Chilton
  • Alison Wright as Justine
  • Ron Prather as Frank Rice
  • Susan Williams as Dolores Rice



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