Audience feedback

We have been given our main task, which is to create a opening title sequence for a thriller movie. The groups are the same as they were for the continuity task and as a group, we have decided to keep the same roles.

As part of our research and preparation for our main task, we have created a survey for people to take so we can learn what people expect and enjoy seeing in a thriller movie.

In total, we gathered 115 responses which is good as our aim was to get 100. This means we have a lot of feedback which will help us in creating our title sequence.

The majority of people who completed our survey where over the age of 18. There were also quite a few people aged between 16-18 and precisely two people aged between 12-15. This is good as this is a suitable age range that our title sequence will be aimed towards.

When asked about the favourite thriller movie, we gave the option of: Se7en, Psycho, Fargo, The Black Swan, The Silence Of The Lambs and Other. 34% said other movies such as ‘Inception’ and ‘The Purge’ came up. However, out of our options, The Silence Of The Lambs was most popular, followed by Se7en. The other three movies got less than 10% of votes. The main thing that people liked about all these movies is the unexpected twists as well as intriguing storylines. People enjoy being kept in suspense and trying to work things out themselves throughout the movie.


We asked if a male or female villain would be preferred and the majority didn’t mind, however 19% said male in contrast to the 8% that said female. We will take this into consideration because if we decide to reveal our villain in the opening title sequence, we will most likely ensure it is a male.


One of our questions was about sub-genre, and we gathered that most people enjoy psychological thrillers, closely followed by crime thrillers and action thrillers. When asked the reasoning behind this, we learnt that people liked to question things throughout the movie which keeps the audience focused on the movie. People who chose crime and action said they chose these genres because they enjoy seeing action and violence in movies, and sometime violence can add to the thriller genre.


We asked if people enjoyed movies that revealed the ending at the beginning, so the movie was about learning what happened and how it happened that led to that event, but only 6% of people said yes, 31% said they didn’t mind and the majority, 63% said no. Due to this information, we will not be revealing the ending as people do not like this because they think this often ruins the movie if not done the correct way.


In a thriller movie, people expect to see dark settings, lots of twists, a good story line, many thrills that make the audience jump from time to time, unexpected endings and some action, eg. car chase scenes.


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