127 Hours Movie Review

‘127 Hours’ is a thriller/drama movie released in 2010. It is about a young man who goes to the Grand Canyon by himself without informing anyone to get away for a while. He enjoys travelling but he ends up getting trapped in the Blue John Canyon for 127 hours, hence the title. The movie shows the struggle he faces and how he escapes. It is quite an intense movie and keeps the audience intrigued throughout the whole movie. It is one of my favourite movie’s and also got great responses from the public. This movie has been directed by Danny Boyle and has an iconic actor: James Franco as the main character. It has been rated 7.6/20 stars on imdb; it got great reviews especially since it is based on a true story. This movie is of high production as the budget was $18 million and ended up making a large profit as it received $60.7.

mv5bmtiyotc0mje5nv5bml5banbnxkftztcwnjgyodqwmg-_v1_uy317_cr70214317_al_James Franco is one of my favourite actors and he does a great job playing the main character: Aron Ralston. The movie revolves around his character, and due to his good acting skills as well as story line and production etc, the audience is constantly focused on the movie. This movie was nominated for 6 academy awards, one being best actor for James Franco. This is one of his best movies and became more popular and known after it. He won the Independent Spirit award for best male lead as a result of this movie.

This movie is based on a true story, on April 26, 2003, Aron Ralston was hiking alone through Blue John Canyon, in Utah. While he was climbing down in the canyon, he crushed his right hand against the canyon wall. A rock smashed his left hand, and then crushed his right hand. Ralston had not informed anyone of his hiking plans, so no one would have been searching for him.

Assuming that he would die, he spent five days slowly sipping his small amount of remaining water and slowly eating his small amount of food, two burritos, while trying to free his arm. His efforts were futile as he could not free his arm from the large rock. After three days of trying to lift and break the boulder, Ralston decided to amputate his trapped right arm at a point on the mid-forearm, in order to escape. On the fourth day he realised that in order to free his arm he would have to cut through the bones in it, but he didn’t have the right tools to do so.

When he ran out of food and water on the fifth day, he was forced to drink his own urine. He carved his name, date of birth and presumed date of death into the canyon wall, and videotaped his last goodbyes to his family. He did not expect to survive the night. After waking at dawn the following day (Thursday, May 1) he realised that he could break his bones using torque against his trapped arm. He did so, then performed the amputation, which took about one hour with his two-inch knife.

After freeing himself, Ralston still had to get back to his truck. He climbed out of the slot canyon in which he had been trapped and hiked out of the canyon in the hot midday sun. He was 8 miles away from his vehicle, and had no phone. However, while hiking out of the canyon, he encountered a family on vacation from the Netherlands, Eric and Monique Meijer and their son Andy, who gave him Oreos and water and then hurried to alert the authorities. Ralston feared he would bleed to death; he lost 40 pounds, including 25% of his blood volume. The rescuers searching for Ralston, alerted by his family that he was missing, had narrowed the search down to Canyonlands and flew by in their helicopter. He was rescued four hours after amputating his arm.

Ralston has said that if he had amputated his arm earlier, he would have bled to death before being found, while if he had not done it he would have been found dead in the slot canyon days later. He believed he was looking forward to the amputation and the freedom it would give.

Danny Boyle, the director of the movie, included the amputation in ‘127 hours’ to make it as accurate and as real as he possibly could. It is quite a gory scene and due to this scene, the movie is a rated 15 as some viewers may not want to see this:

Personally, I would rate this movie 4.5/5 stars as it has been well made, has great acting and the director has done his research to create an accurate story line.

This is the movie trailer for ‘127 hours’:



  • James Franco as Aron Ralston
  • Kate Mara as Kristi Moore
  • Amber Tamblyn as Megan McBride
  • Clemence Poesy as  Rana, Aron Ralston’s lover
  • Lizzy Caplan as Sonja Ralston, Aron’s sister
  • Kate Burton as Donna Ralston, Aron’s mother
  • Treat Williams as Larry Ralston, Aron’s father

Aron Ralston and his wife and son also make cameo appearances at the end of the film.





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