The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo Textual Analysis

This is the opening title sequence:

This opening sequence clearly presents the thriller genre of the movie as a chilling atmosphere for the audience has been created. A dark side to the film has instantly been revealed due to the use of dark colours and fast music. The audience immediately learns that the movie will be action packed yet disturbing.

Personally, I really like this opening title sequence due to the fast pace, music, mise en scene and use of dark colours. Instantly, the mood of the movie is set as well as hinting at what to expect in the movie. It has been well produced as the quality seems to be great, which sets high expectations of the movie. Just by watching this opening title sequence, the audience expects the movie to be a good, enjoyable movie.

Textual Analysis:

Throughout the whole sequence, close ups have been used to reveal different objects in detail. This keeps the audience focused and curious as to what each detail means. The camera tracks the black ink which is running down on the various objects, including a keyboard, lips, a face etc. These things have been captured from various angles, high and low which slightly confuses the audience as well as intriguing them. It adds to the thriller genre as it is very fast and the audience feels intrigued and excited as no one knows what to expect from the movie. At 51 seconds of the title sequence, a birds eye view has been used to reveal two people standing close together which could foreshadow the characters in the movie. The camera also zooms into a face, although the face is unrecognisable due to the black ink covering it.

Flashing images can be instantly be seen which already hints at the thriller genre as the feeling of suspense is straight away created. The sequence is very fast paced and a range of fast cuts have been used which suggests that the film is going to be quick and unusual things would happen due the images being quite unusual. Within each image there is 1-2 second gap before it moves on to the next image this is effective because it does not give away the film but gives hint in what the film will contain. For example, when a bunch of USB’s go into the characters brain we can assume that a lot of technology is going to be used and may have something to do with a computer. There is a lot of sudden movement and many jump cuts have been used which puts the audience on edge, as a thriller movie would.

The ‘Immigrant Song’ is the music that has been used in this opening title sequence and it is effective as it grabs the audience attention straight away.  The sound track is very mysterious and urges the audience to keep watching. It is very fast paced and racy which creates suspense and thrill to the audience. Whilst the soundtrack is playing the objects at the background move according to the pace of the song, this keeps the audience focused and interested.

A jet black metallic colour is used throughout the sequence suggesting the theme of evil and death. Yellow/gold lighting has been used to show fire which contrasts to the dark background colours as it represents hope in darkness which is later revealed in the movie. This also grabs the reader’s attention as it also hints at the theme of death.  Also in the opening there is a skeleton which portrays death leaves the audience to think that ‘death’ has a huge role in the film.

Various objects are presented in this opening title sequence, mainly a keyboard and USB cables. This suggests that there will be a lot of technology in the movie. Creatures such as dragons and wasps are also revealed which hints to the nature of the film but the audience is unsure about what this means, therefore they are intrigued to continue watching. Also, white typography has been used which could reflect on the purity of the characters as well as making the writing stand out against the dark background. The font is simple yet bold which catches the audience’s eye.


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