Lighting is one of the most important keys in making a good quality film. Lighting helps set the mood and can create a specific effect. For example, low key lighting can be used to create shadows to set the mood in a horror/thriller movie. Different types of lighting is used to create different effects.

Different directors decide to use lighting in different ways. For example, they could decide to use poor lighting, which would mean they spend more time editing to make the lighting better. This is good for movies with a low budget, however it also means the editing process is going to be much longer. If lighting isn’t done properly, a video production can go from top quality to a cheap video, so the editing must be of high standard.

Natural lighting is realistic, natural light which is shot on location.

Artificial lighting is lighting that has been used – normally on set.

High key lighting is used to create a bright, well lit scene. This normally creates locations and characters to seem more happy and safe.

Low key lighting is used to create a dimly lit, dark scene with lots of shadows. This often makes a location and characters seem shady, intense and unsafe.

Chiaroscuro lighting is a scene lit with extreme lighting, lots of shadows as well as some really bright parts. This is used to make a location or character seem dramatic and unusual.




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