Marketing Of Films

Sometimes, movies are advertised in such a way that it looks like a specific genre, but the movie is a completely different genre of film. This is called mis-marketing of films. Films are portrayed to be a specific type of film, for example, a movie can be advertised in such a way that it seems to be of the horror genre, but turns out to be a comedy. This often results in the audience to be disappointed as they did not watch what they expected to.

Here are some examples movies that have been marketed incorrectly:

Cable Guy: Jim Carey is the main actor in this movie, who normally plays parts in comical movies. When this movie was released, the public assumed this would be a comedy movie due to Jim Carey playing the main part, however the movie turned out to be much darker as well as Jim Carey’s character which was shocking to the audience as this was unsuspected.

Bridge to Terabithia: The trailer of this movie has presented the movie to be a family film as kids are shown to be fighting trolls. It was portrayed to be a happy, fantasy movie for kids. However, the movie turned out to be much sadder and not a child’s movie as the main character dies, and the movie turns out to be quite tragic. This left many people in disappointment as this movie was expected to be a happy movie for kids.

Branded: This movie is a cerebral, intelligent movie about advertising and consumerism, however this movie was portrayed to be an action movie and very matrix like. This resulted in the wrong audience being attracted.

Sausage Party: This is a recent film, which seems to be a kids film as it is cartoon and the trailers present it to be fun and aimed at young children. However, this movie actually is not appropriate for children as it is rated 15 and quite inappropriate.

Incorrectly advertised films usually result in people being disappointed as the wrong audiences are attracted.



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