Media is a way of communication between people as well as a way to gain information about what is happening in the world. However, this information given through media is represented in such a way that the whole truth is not shown, but only an interpretation of the truth.

So far, I have discovered the many genres involved in media when creating a movie which is a form of media, as well as radio, news, social networking etc. A film genre is a category that movies fit into based on the techniques included in the movie. For example, the content, structure, themes, mood, time period, motifs, recurring events etc. Sometimes these techniques combine together to create sub genres, for example, romantic comedies or crime thrillers.

Personally, my favourite genre is horror as I enjoy the thrill and mood it creates. I also enjoy comedy movies a lot. My favourite actor is James Franco as he is in many comedy  movies and is a good actor. He has also taken part in movies of other genres. One of my favourite movies is 127 hours which is a mix of adventure and drama. Another one of my favourite actors is Will Smith as he used to be in The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air which a show I used to watch as a child and therefore has had an influence of me. I also enjoy his movies as he is such a great actor.



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